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Harald Renbjoer - A pioneer in colour photography

Harald Renbjoer (26 November 1889 - 23 February 1956) was a norwegian colour photography pioneer. He captured some of the first colour photography's in Norway. 

Reproduction of colour photography was a lifelong interest for Harald Renbjoer. His legacy is a remarkable photographic treasure that Levanger Museum of Photography is working to make public both nationally and internationally. Renbjoer was a prominent figure in the cultural life of Levanger. He was a skillful pianist, drawer and painter. He arranged musical concerts and ran a music- and photographical business with photographic printing. Renbjoer was also a proficient chemist and did assignments in the field of science. 

During his younger years he had an apprenticeship at photographer Roeske in Trondheim, and in the winter of 1909-1910 he studied colour photography in Vienna, and he studied chemistry in Trondheim. 

harald Renbjør, tegning selvportrett fra skissebok Self portrait Harald Renbjoer from his sketchbook 1912

Photo: A stereo photography of Magnhild Renbjoer by Harald Renbjoer. Autochrome 1907-1915



Harald Renbjoer selfportrait autochrome

Photo: Self portrait Harald Renbjoer, Autochrome 1907


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